Information and Communication Technology
GIFT ICT's vision is to create a world-class financial city by offering an unrivalled business environment to global and local financial services enterprises. GIFT ICT takes an Immediate Emergency Response for Disaster/Crises Management. It enables creation of GIS platform for monitoring of services and builds a wide range of connectivity

Intelligent Building Management Systems
GIFT One is equipped with Intelligent Building Management Systems (IBMS) provided and maintained by Honeywell The objective of IBMS is to ensure occupant safety, security and comfort, assess real-time performance of the building to enhance quality, bringing operating efficiency and optimisation of costs The IBMS sub-systems comprise Building Management System (HVAC, Lighting Control, Water Monitoring, Billing, Facility Management System etc.), Life Safety (Fire Detection and Alarm System, Evacuation and Public Address System, etc.), Security (Security Surveillance System, Access Control System)